Dunga Simulation Driving is an innovative company based in Gauteng and KZN aimed at assisting our youth to obtain licenses as from their Secondary level of education starting from Grade 11 to 12.


We have an age relevant made technology machine to train learners driving skills. We can come to your department to make our presentation. We can also make means to bring machines on our mutual agreement.


Dunga Simulation Driving is a Level one BBB-EE contributor and 100% youth owned entity. We are the only people to teach driving from R20 an hour with unlimited lessons. We teach you to pass not to make money out of you.


We use a driving simulator with customisation training software prompt the driving learner master safe driving skill in safe situation and efficient compared with normal real auto driving.The software is custom made following target market traffic rule, street, road (such as country road, opposite road, high speed road, mixed road, mountain road, city road, night road), building, weather(sunny , foggy, rainy, ice, snowing, sunny and cloudy), guide board with community vehicles, pedestrian and so on. So it can be widely used for different driving situations.


It is suitable for army, police, public security department, students and driver training institutions to carry out personalized teaching, and also it can meet the initial stage research of research institutions.




  • Basic Driving Simulation Training:

  • Automotive operation unit simulation
  • Training Start Park and gear shifting simulation training.


  • Task Simulation Training

  • Jerk to a stop
  • Pass the narrow road

  • Drive in the curved road
  • Jerk to a stop to different adhesion road
  • Break or not break when meet with barriers


  • Lane Driving Simulation Training:


  • Icy Road
  • City Road
  • High-speed Road
  • Mountainous Road
Every road has day, night, and foggy conditions.


  • Emergency Escape Simulation Training:


Brake slipped
  • Brake disorder
  • Wheel tyre burst.
  • Direction 
  • Road narrow Give way
  • Rush ahead in the crossing
  • Every road has day, night, and foggy conditions, evaluation system, student administration, using assist.